Lim Kang Hoo (Tan Sri Dato’)

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive
Iskandar Waterfront Holdings and Ekovest Berhad

Kang Hoo (Tan Sri Dato')


Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kang Hoo is the founder, chairman and chief executive of Iskandar Waterfront Holdings and Ekovest Berhad. In 2014, Forbes estimates his stake in Ekovest – a construction firm for mid-sized infrastructure projects in the Klang Valley, and the construction vehicle for its Iskandar region developments – at $1.1 billion (USD) ranking him on the Malaysian Forbes Richest List. Later, in 2015, Forbes further estimated an additional stake in Iskandar Waterfront Holdings to be worth $925 million (USD).
In January 2016, Tan Sri Lim succeeded on a bid on the Bandar Malaysia project worth $1.7 billion (RM 7.41 billion). The Joint Venture partners are dedicated to developing an underground city project spanning over 15 years with a gross development value of USD $53 billion.
Tan Sri Lim is referred as ‘helicopter-man’ by the locals as he frequently commutes between his office in Kuala Lumpur and his project birth child, Iskandar Malaysia privately via his rotorcrafts. Tan Sri Lim’s Ekovest Berhad is also the 2016 sponsor for the Kuala Lumpur National Football Association.