Q: What is the ASEAN Business Club?
A: The ASEAN Business Club is a group of leading industry leaders and stakeholders from eminent institutions from the private sector who meet on a regular basis and discuss ways to accelerate economic integration in ASEAN.

Q: How does one become a member of the ASEAN Business Club?
A: ABC Memberships are by invitation only. However, we welcome written requests from Corporations who wish to join the ASEAN Business Club.

Q: What are the types of membership offered by the ASEAN Business Club?
A: The ASEAN Business Club offers two categories of memberships: ordinary membership or corporate membership. Corporate membership comes with 2 nominees. For enquiries about the membership fee, kindly contact us for details.

Q: Does the ASEAN Business Club have any political affiliations?
A: The ASEAN Business Club is a purely private sector driven group which creates unique opportunities for the public and private sectors to meet and to discuss in an open exchange of ideas to discuss practical, effective measures to enhance economic integration efforts. The ABC is not affiliated with any political party.

Q: How is the ASEAN Business Club funded?
A: The ASEAN Business Club and all events organised by the club are fully sponsorship driven. Should you or your institution wish to become a sponsoring partner with the club, please contact Ms. Christine Wood on +6012 525 5201 for more information.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further queries on the ASEAN Business Club?
A: The secretariat of the ASEAN Business Club, CIMB ASEAN Research Institute (CARI) will be ready to answer any questions regarding the club. For any enquiries, please kindly email us at enquiries@cariasean.org