The Journey
Act One

In the realm of the forest dwellers, the last ray of sunlight had died.

The sun had vanished from their sky.

The council convened to understand what had happened to them.

“The leaves die and the fruits wither on the branch while we sit in the dark” said one of them.

“What are we to do?”

The council elder came forth, “To know what can be again, perhaps we should look to what was”, he said.

Act Two

A long time ago, we prospered together under a clear sky, the sun shone bright upon us.

A great tree stood in our midst, the people cultivated the land from which it sprang.

We took shade together, under its leaves and tasted its rich fruit.

Travellers came from far and wide and merchants came and went unhindered.

Then, the winged ones descended upon us.

They stripped the realm bare and apportion it among themselves.

The great tree withered.

In its place lesser ones grew and we rose again.

Each in our domain, walls rose between us.

We have forgotten our ancient channels and pathways, and we survived in our own realms.

So long as the sun shone down upon us.

Act Three

But now it is dark in the noon day.

“We are nothing without the sun”, cried a merchant.

“I have hope. For it is not the sun that we have lost, but its light”, said the council elder.

“Look above you, we sit in the dark because the greater tree tower above us and shut out the light.

“We must arise; we must summon champions from afar”, suggested another merchant,

“We need not look beyond ourselves. We can do this if we act as one”, replied the council elder.

We can come together to clear the ground, and water, the earth anew”, another merchant step forward and declared.

“And I shall bring help for the task’, another merchant added.

“We shall build it together, I shall come with many men to make light the work and with transport to move men and tools’, offered another.

And the council elder said, “You will need provisions.’

As we come together and clear the tangled underbrush, and open new channels between us, together we can transform the land, new pathway formed.

New roots grow deep into ancient ground and our trees grow taller, and reach further, and reaches the light.

And we find a new our place under the sun and stand tall among the great trees of the forest.

“Shall we begin?”