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ASEAN policymakers to promote broader and deeper bond markets across ASEAN to cushion against external shocks

ASEAN needs to broaden its bond markets investor base to ensure more diverse and balanced financial systems and financing for infrastructure and other long-term developmental priorities. The Asian Development Bank estimates that the region needs US$110 billion in infrastructure expenditure per year until 2025.

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ASEAN and Australian business must drive deeper engagement to capitalise on massive opportunities from the digital revolution

Australia was ASEAN’s first dialogue partner in 1974 however, the economic relations between the two have not grown to its potential, especially with the populations of both nations being so closely connected. Approximately, 896,000 people claimed heritage from ASEAN nations in the last Australian census, while over 1.3 million people from ASEAN visit Australia each year and Australians made three million trips to ASEAN countries in 2016.

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