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Press Release: ASEAN needs to deepen capital markets to unlock capital to fill funding gaps amidst slow ASEAN capital market integration

Deepening individual capital markets will help address critical funding gaps in ASEAN, including infrastructure development needs, by allowing issuers to raise affordable capital at scale and providing investors with viable and diverse options to deploy short- and long-term domestic savings. This is a prerequisite to address the disparity in maturity of capital markets across the region and promote better ASEAN capital market integration.

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ASEAN Business Club inks Memorandum of Cooperation with nine Japanese business associations in Tokyo to form ASEAN-Japan Innovation Network (AJIN)

ASEAN Business Club (ABC), together with ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) have entered into a cooperation with nine Japanese business associations to form the ASEAN-Japan Innovation Network (AJIN). AJIN is a business network between ASEAN and Japan to nurture new industries, facilitate business collaboration through networking, research and policy proposals to policy makers.

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